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"What a fantastic way to spend a winter holiday! We loved the deck, the fire, the warm homely kitchen, the amazing view during the day & gazing at the stars at night" - Kate

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Things to do at Montville Holiday HouseThings to do at Montville Holiday House

family picnic at montville holiday house
relaxing outdoor at montville holiday house

Relaxing is the order of the day when you stay at Montville Holiday House so you can expect to do lots of lazing about soaking up the absolutely gorgeous atmosphere.

Most of our guests are couples, families or groups of friends who just want to spend some quality time together casually chatting & laughing without the interuptions of normal day-to-day life and Montville Holiday House is perfect for doing just that.

If you have kids, you'll be pleased to know that there is a collection of childrens toys, indoor & outdoor games and DVD's to keep them entertained, allowing you to catch up on some quality adult time.

If you're into reading you'll enjoy escaping to a quiet corner with a good book... in summer the comfortable deck chairs are fantastic and in winter there's nothing quite like curling up with a soft blanket beside the gorgeous 'pot belly' fireplace in the lounge room.

In the afternoons, watching the sun set over the mountains whilst enjoying a few drinks & a BBQ on the back deck with your family & friends is just wonderful.

Right at the front gate is a wonderful park ('Balmoral Lookout') which offers fantastic views right up and down the Sunshine Coast... it's a great place to go for a gentle walk.

If you're a movie buff, there is a wide selection of DVD's for you to relax & enjoy.

Unfortunately we're unable to offer broadband internet however those with 3G wireless access will get good reception... but be honest ... do you really want to be surfing the net when you're on holiday in such a beautiful location?

Of course, if you're keen to venture out to explore the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland and the nearby townships of Maleny (10 minutes away) & Montville (5 minutes away) there are many local attractions that you'll absolutely love.

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